I was born in Madrid but the blood in my veins is from Cordoba.
My heart belongs to Córdoba, where my parents and grandparents are from. Heart that I share with Yolanda and many important people that this place has given to me, making my life to finally become the person I am.

My family is my greatest value.
I am father of five children: Grecia, Alma, Luca, Thiago y Sira. Their smile is my life.
My four brothers, my parents in-law and all those people who ‘is always by my side’ are my only luggage.

Many years ago, I started my football career scoring goals.
But I soon discovered with the help of my father that my place on the football field was in the goal.

I have been dedicating my life to this incredible sport for a long time.
On my way to play 900 official matches as a professional, I have been able to form my second family, that great ‘football family’ with which I have enjoyed, I have learned, I have cried… but above all, I have experienced some of the most important moments of my life.

Winning the World Cup in South Africa 2010 was a real dream.
Together with the two Euro Cups of 2008 and 2012, they marked a milestone in the history of football that I was able to celebrate together with a whole country, forgetting differences, polemics, crises…

I can only say to football and life: THANK YOU.